A Little About the Stylist...

        My name is Jamille but I'm affectionately referred to as SCOOP. I'm a transplant to Nashville hailing from the East Coast, Southside Richmond, VA to be specific.

Well what brings me to Nashville?  I decided to pursue my graduate studies at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  I'm a cardiovascular pharmacologist by day and hair stylist after hours.  Sounds like I'm doing the most right? 

As a science researcher, it is normal to experience a lot of failed results in our studies.  This can get weary after while.  Therefore, I style hair as a means of "art and therapy."  It's essentially a break from the research lab. 

So in summary, I'm a nerd that happens to know how to do hair...well

Now to business...I am astonished at the lack of good quality natural and weave styles offered here in Nashville. I'm not implying that there are NO quality salons out there however,  I just do not believe in paying a stylist their mortgage in order to look your best. I come from an area where the hair competition is high therefore charging outrageous prices is laughable at best.  I'm carrying that philosophy with me to Nashville...My motto is


I just wanted to add this picture to show you that properly wearing weave can give you the thickness and health your hair needs and deserve.  This is my REAL hair. Yes I wear sew-in's 75% of the year but it's in an effort to keep my real hair healthy and away from harsh treatments.  Don't believe the hype...see the hype.

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