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Deluxe Hair Regrowth Kit (free shipping)


The ASH Follicle Rebirth Combo contains three powerhouse formulas targeted at building stronger hair follicles and a healthier scalp. This combo attacks DHT (molecule heavily responsible for thinning) from the outside but remember the best offense for hair thinning comes from both inside and outside. The effects of the Combo will attack hair loss from all angles and accelerate hair growth when combined with a healthy diet consisting of adequate water intake, foods high in Omega-3 and a multivitamin with folic acid and biotin present**

**This is advice coming from a scientist and not a medical physician. Do Not mistake this suggestion to be medical advice. If you are experiencing extreme hair loss, we strongly suggest you see a medical professional such as an endocrinologist, dermatologist or your PCP.

ASH Follicle Rebirth Elixir - Apply to thin areas such as edges and crown nightly. A few drops are all that you need to apply due to the product's lightweight and high spreadability formula.

ASH Soothing Scalp Ointment - Apply in the same manner as "oiling scalp" to provide moisturizing to the scalp after wash and before blow-drying or styling. The formula has a denser consistency and should not be used daily. It is only needed once or twice a week or before installing a protective style.

ASH Penetrating Growth Oil - Similar to the Scalp Ointment, apply this formula to hard to reach areas that the ointment cannot reach. The oil and ointment can be used in place of each other, but they do not need to be used together.

Steep and Grow Herbal Tea - Sip your way back to healthy hair and skin! Attack hair loss from the inside and the out. Tea can be used as a rinse as well.

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