Prices are for BRAID/STYLE READY hair.  
Please come with hair already cleaned, detangled/blown out and ready to be styled (unless you are scheduled for these services).  

Prices and time frame reflect ready to style hair.   There is an additional charge for DETANGLING/WASHING/PREPPING hair if it is not ready to be styled.

Hair is NOT included in the listed price.  If interested in purchasing 100% human Brazilian and Peruvian hair with a warranty (exchange or money back guarantee) then please visit my sister site here. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the proper hair purchase for desired style.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Call/Text, email or schedule an appointment via this site


Sew-in w/leave out

You can leave out as much hair as you like to form a natural part.  Your real is blended with the weft hair.

 Be advised that more maintenance on your part is needed to maintain this style (flat/ironing/rolling/twisting of real hair) in order to blend well.  

Full Sew-in w/Closure (no part) 

This is a full sew-in with no visible part and no hair left out.   
8-10 oz of hair is usually needed. A manufactured closed closure (simple, mono-top) can give more of a natural feel and look. I can make a closed closure using the weft.

Sew-in w/Invisible Part $115

An invisible part is applied wherever you want a VISIBLE part. (no hair is left out).

I can make an invisible part with wefts or I can use a pre-made invisible part closure.

Sewin w/lace closure  $110

No Hair is left out. Wefts are sewn onto netted cornrows and a lace closure is applied with glue, tape, elastic band or can be sewn down with clear thread. Silk based closures look best and most realistic.  

This is an excellent protective style to give your real hair a break.  With proper care and maintenance, hair can be reused for the same style multiple times. 


Sew-in w/ lace closure knot bleaching (1$25) ,  Lace Frontal w bleached knots ($140)  

Lace Frontal w/o bleached knots ($120)

Sewin w/ Tree Braid  or Crochet Braid Closure 

A 4 inch wide section of hair in the front is braided into small tree braids or cornrowed then hair is crocheted onto the braid.  The rest of the hair is braided for a sewin. 

Braidless sewin $100

Tracks added between your real hair. (your hair, then track, then your hair an so on) 1 1/2 bag needed. Malaysian or fusion o-ring method. 

This is not a full head weave but the more tracks added with this method, the more costly the procedure becomes.

  • Tighten Up and refresh - $40

  • Tracks/wefts are retightened. (washed if neccessary) and weave is restyled. 

**Treebraids and Crochet Braids**         

Crochet Braids - $100 and up

All your real hair is braided into cornrows then loose/bulk hair is crocheted to the braids foundation. 

Any type of bulk hair can be used (human hair, human mastermix and synthetic).  Milkyway Freetress and Model Model Glance synthetic lines are the most common brand used.

Style usually last 6-8 weeks and generally take 5 hrs.

Single Layer Regular Tree Braids - $115

One row of regular cornrow treebraids.  

These are essentially straight back cornrows braided in the tree braid fashion.  There are no individual tree braid in the front or back.   Additional cost for individual braids (front/back/perimeter).  

$10 additional for crochet braid perimeter.

Two layer Micro Cornrow Treebraids - $150


*Deposit Required to Book Appointment* 

Small Box Braids   $175 and up

Price depends on length.

Medium Box Braids  
$150 and up

These are less braids than the small box braids (larger sections)

Braids are braided down 12 inches down.

*$160 if braided down past bra strap;

* $180 if braided to small of back)

Large Box Braids
$125 and up

Price depends on length

The larger the braid, the cheaper the price (see the chart)


Cornrows without weave -

$35 and up

 regular cornrows; Pencil size 

Cornrow w/weave 

(1 layer close/design) -$50

 1 layer close together pencil size

Cornrow (2 layer close) -$85 -

 2 layers close together pencil size


Cornrow updo - $60 -

Simple cornrow style into a bun. (More intricate styles will slightly increase the price due to increased time)

Two Strand updo - $60 -

Simple cornrow style into a bun. (More intricate styles will slightly increase the price)

*Deposit Required to Book Appointment*

Large Kinky  Twist  - $100 and up

Size 1 or 2 (on chart)

8-9 packs of marley/kanekalon braid hair needed (depending on length desired).  

Price increase for longer 

Medium Twists - $130 and up

Size 3 (on chart)

4 packs of marley/kanekalon braid hair needed (depending on length desired .  The pics in the twists section are mostly medium sized and extend right past shoulder. Price increase for longer

 Small Twists (Senegalese) - $165 and up  

Size 4 (on chart) 

4 packs of marley/kanekalon braid hair needed. Price is for twists extending to right above bra strap. 

Small Twists (Senegalese) - $190 and up

Size 4 (on chart) 

6 packs of Kanekalon braid hair needed (3 packs of xpression hair). Price is for braids extending below bra strap.

**Locs and Naturals**  

Palm Roll Retwist w/style

This style is for already established 

This style is for already established locs that have been maintained with the twisting (palm roll) method. You have the option of using my own solution for locs or you can bring your own.

Interlock/ Microloc retwist

A method used to maintain smaller locs. A crochet needle tool is used form a lock with the new growth. It takes a VERY long time to complete however there is no sitting under the hood like with the palm roll method.

Microloc Extensions

Prices vary depending on size. If I am making the loc from scratch and attaching to unlocked hair then the starting price is $1,000. It generally takes 2 weeks to make the locs and approximately 23 hours to install on hair 2-4 inches in length. Prices vary for length of natural hair, extension length and size. Consultation required and 50% deposit to start loc making process. If you already have purchased locs then price is dramatically lower. Consultation still required.

**Faux Locs**

Individual Crochet
Faux Locs

Your real hair is braided or twisted individually.  A premade crochet faux loc is attached at the base and wrapped around your real hair.  The faux loc is blended with your real hair at the base.  very light weight and excellent alternative to traditional faux locs

Cornrow Crochet
Faux Locs

Your real hair is  cornrowed and a pre-made crochet faux loc is attached to to cornrow base.

Goddess Locs (small)

These faux locs are approximately the width of 3/4 of your pinky finger.  The amount of locs done are very full and take a good amount of time to do because of the smaller size.  If looking for full look without the small parting, please book for the medium goddess locs.

Teddy Pendergrass (Jazz Collection)